about the promoters
H. K. Divekar
Hari Divekar an electrical engineer. While working in the electrical and engineering trade he became fascinated with natural history and became an active member of the Bombay Natural History Society. He helped the society in organizing nation wide snake exhibitions to increase awareness about reptiles in the layman. Between 1983 to 1990 he acquired lands within 2 hours driving distance of Mumbai, Pune and Nashik, hoping to develop these into nature oriented reserves. His idea was to provide a quick natural getaway to people in these metros. After a long and hard struggle, he has been able to successfully accomplish his mission. Along the way, he has also published several papers on The Asiatic Wild Bufallo in the BNHS and other Natural History Journals. He was invited by the IUCN, a UN body to present a paper on the Asiatic Wild Bufallo to Bangkok among other eminent naturalists from throughout the world. He continues to oversee a flourishing business manufacturing O rings and Gaskets.
Chinmay Divekar
Director / Nature Trails
An MBA of the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute,
E-mail - chinmay@naturetrails.in
An ICWA and Jamnalal Bajaj alumnus by training and an adventure lover by nature. It is his dream to make Nature Trails the premier destination of Adventure in the country. He believes that the joy experienced while being in Nature and the challenges of doing adventure create a new paradigmin a persons understanding of himself, his world and its working. And what better place to do this than in the wild, virgin locals of Vikramgadh, Durshet, Sajan, Tapols, Dabhosa and Kundalika. chosen by his father.