(Ages 12 yrs & above)
"The aim of this program is to make children understand difficulties faced by rural India and to not only empathize with them but also involve them in a constructive and creative project to benefit them."

In this level, students will select a project which will benefit the local community of tribal village close to their school. Under the guidance of Finding North instructors, the students will make a preliminary survey of the village and Understand the dynamics of the project.

Back in school, the students will design and plan the execution of the project over 5 classroom sessions.

Program content
Detailed drawings
Bill of Materials
Preliminary survey of the selected Village
5 Classroom Sessions to design and Plan the Project
4 days 3 nights camp to execute the Project
Preliminary survey
Preliminary visit to the selected village
Select a project according to the needs to benefit the village
Active participation of children
Understanding local issues to avoid any conflicts
Classroom Sessions
Children will design and plan the entire execution of project, which will include
Group wise allocation of the work to be done
Estimation of the total man hour required
Fund Management and finalizing list of material to be purchased
Coordination with the local community
4 Days Camp
In the final 4 days camp, Children will physically execute the project
Team Finding North will support the entire Project
The Support of local community members will also be available
Goals To Be Achieved
Children will be vastly benefitted if they get an exposure to rural life
This project will benefit the local community
Children will be able to give their constructive and creative inputs to help the community
This will help children to acquire project management skills
Finally, in a 4 day camp, the students will actually execute the project with the support of Finding North Instructors and local village community members.