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Somewhere, lost in the push and tumble of overweight school bags, virtual computer games and merciless merit lists, is a growing young mind that needs a crash course in real life adventure, discovery and fun We call it Finding North.

Brought to you by Nature Trails, it's an experience that every child goes on to later recall as the wonder years.

Guided by internationally certified expert hands, let your school kids embark on a wondrous journey, traversing forests, crossing valleys, kayaking rivers. Learning as they go along, the use of safety gear and equipments, along with basic survival techniques like rope knotting, rappelling, self defense and rifle shooting.

Finding North is an innovative programme that lays great emphasis on education through exploration. While we


give children a Jungle Book like introduction to bird watching, plant spotting and night safaris, we also train them in concepts like energy cycle, water cycle and tribal life through fun environmental games and quizzes.

From filling field trip reports, to making recycled paper, from learning to set insect night traps to making casts for pug marks, from jungle cooking to Herbarium making, a few days with us is a veritable lifetime of learning. About truth and loyalty, thrift and spending, temperance and rebellion, self reliance and teamwork, about making maps & finding friends.

Finding North. It starts as an adventure for your children, it's ends as a place where they find themselves.

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