(Ages 10 yrs & above)

Your little one will develop respect for nature and will also learn, through observation, about plants and animals in their immediate surroundings.

Program content
5 classroom sessions
1 field trip to BNHS cec
4 days 3 nights camp to Durshet Forest Lodge
Learning objectives
N - Natural phenomenon
A - Awareness about environmental issues
T - Taking care of your environment
R - Recognize common flora & fauna
E - Energy efficiency
Biodiversity of My Country
Biodiversity of My Country
Simple introduction about the bio-geographic zone
Know more about the flag ship species
Endangered species
How to identify common flora & fauna?
How to identify common flora & fauna?
Learning common skills for identification of flora & fauna
Practice session on a 1day field trip
Learning facts and ethology
Small classroom activities to keep the sessions interactive
My Eco-system
My Eco-system
Types of Eco-system
Terrestrial ecosystem
Aquatic ecosystem
Function & dynamics
Food chain & food web
Problems have solutions
Problems have solutions
Identify the problems & know more about there solutions
Water pollution
Hunting or Poaching
Fuel wood collection
Student find "solutions"
field trip to BNHS cec
field trip to BNHS cec
Location between forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park Goregaon, Mumbai.
Nature trail
Nature information center
4 days 3 nights camp to "Durshet forest lodge"
4 days 3 nights camp to "Durshet forest lodge"
Nature trails (kids will try to identify the flora & fauna by themselves)
Conducting a small survey in durshet forest
Identifying the Environmental problems & making a report along with the solutions
Environment games, which make learning FUN
Wild life documentary followed by a discussion