(Ages13 yrs & above)
"The aim of this program is to help children redefine their own perception of their physical abilities"

Life Is about the challenge to survive on your own. Difficult situations shape an individual's understanding of his/her capabilities and that's exactly what these two levels are about.

This level will help children redefine perceptions of their own physical capabilities.

The Mission: To undertake a 45 km long expedition in three days over hilly unfamiliar terrain not exceeding 1500 ft.

Finding North Instructors will impart the following, skills to the students in 5 classroom sessions.
Learning the basic skills required to undertake the expedition
The students will be taken for an acclimatization hike to test their physical and mental abilities.
Final Expedition
Learning the basic Skills
Learning the basic Skills
The following skills will be learned by the children
Navigation using map and compass
How to pitch your tent and cook your own food
Route and Expedition Planning
Safety, First Aid and Country Code
Team Dynamics and role understanding
One Day Acclimatization Trip
One Day Acclimatization Trip
Children will be taken for a one day acclimatization trip
This will help to test their physical and mental abilities
This will also help to test the skills they have learned in the classroom sessions
The Expedition
The Expedition
Children will undertake an expedition covering 45 kms. in three days over an unfamiliar terrain not exceeding 1500 ft.
This Expedition will be unsupervised
Children will navigate using map and compass, while carrying their own food and equipment
Children will stay at a different place each night
Team Finding North will accompany the children and intervene in case of a safety issue
There would be adequate logistical support by Team finding North
Goals to be achieved
Goals to be achieved
Completing the Expedition will give immense confidence to a child
It will make the child better equipped to face any diverse situation in the future
It Will help children to understand the importance of team dynamics
Students will get a chance to have a close encounter with wilderness.